Color matching for the ultimate customer experience

In the digital age, the unthinkable is now possible. Innovative coatings can transform facades with color. Our color-matching technologies are second to none, allowing design visions to come to life.


Bubble? What bubble?: Apartment and condo construction simply can’t keep up with demand

Pay no attention to talk of a multifamily housing bubble. The ranks of potential renters and condo buyers are going up by a million a year, while only 400,000 new units are coming on line.

True, the Federal Reserve Bank recently cautioned lenders about a potential bubble in the luxury arena. In some cities—Miami and New York stand out—the high end of the market may be slowing a bit. But this might be just a temporary pause, as occupancy rates in luxury multifamily dwellings are at or near historic highs.

Energy efficiency measures pay off in some not-so-obvious ways

Optimizing energy efficiency in buildings obviously saves money on utility bills, but there are several other ways that green initiatives can boost ROI.

Government programs

Activating innovation: Trends in K-12 education

More than ever, today’s schools must address complex global issues while anticipating future changes in education and technol­ogy. To help us meet this challenge, we look beyond the world of K-12 education to inform and enrich our understanding of what a future-ready schools looks like.

Five Stantec offices move into one Fifth Avenue location

Nearly 360 Stantec employees from across five New York offices have been consolidated into one new location at 475 Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The new space provides the company with 40,000 sf across four floors in a 24-story LEED Silver certified building.

New housing development rises from a historic textile mill’s ashes

After a fire recently swept through a historic textile factory originally known as Malden Mills, several of the site’s buildings, built between 1879 and 1925, were destroyed. From the destruction of these buildings, a new concept for a multifamily housing development was born.

Crucial conversations part one: BIM vs. VDC, is there a difference?

Do you use BIM (Building Information Modeling) or VDC (Virtual Digital Construction)? Both? What’s the difference? If you are asking yourself these questions, and struggling with the answers, you are not alone. In the first part of a four-part series, Bluebeam VP Sasha Reed sat down with industry experts to examine the need for defining and understanding digital workflows and data management throughout the design and construction project lifecycle.


Top 90 multifamily construction firms


Benchmarking regulations prompt jump in green certified properties

According to CBRE’s 2017 National Green Building Adoption Index, which ranks 30 of the largest commercial office markets in the U.S. by the share of green-certified square footage, 38% of all office space in the nation’s largest markets were LEED and/or ENERGY STAR certified as of 2016.

This is a slight increase from the 37% reported in 2015, but a huge jump from 2005, when less than 5% of office space was certified. The study excluded buildings and square footage of any office that failed to renew certifications after five years.

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