Working with you to meet sustainability goals

Many architects, builders, engineers, and contractors are seeking ways to lower energy bills and create more sustainable projects. Valspar scientists are at the forefront of innovation, creating products that help save energy, earn points in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program, and meet ENERGY STAR criteria for cool roofs.

AIA releases updated edition of its A201 flagship documents

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently released the 2017 edition of the A201 family of documents.

This release includes updated versions of the AIA’s flagship documents developed for the design-bid-build delivery model. The AIA Documents Committee updates this core set of documents every 10 years.

Four LEED EBOM opportunities that most people miss

What creates momentum and how do we line up our next steps?

For some, it might be the pursuit of LEED EBOM. The US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system has a specific reference guide and rating for Existing Buildings. The LEED EB O&M rating system covers six major categories:

American Writers Museum opens on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue

Located in an ordinary building whose bottom floor is occupied by a bank at 180 N. Michigan Avenue is a museum the likes of which can’t be found anywhere else in the country. The American Writers Museum, a project seven years in the making, officially opened to the public on May 16.

Airport passengers find their way with the help of decorative ceiling panels

The Calgary International Airport needed a modular ceiling to assist with wayfinding and to mitigate noise for the 13 million passengers that pass through the facility each year. More than 200,000 sf of Decoustics wood panel ceilings were used throughout the airport in conjunction with perforated metal ceiling panels.

The wood panels are hung from a suspension system that gives the illusion of floating in air, which ties in with the open and airy design theme for the airport. The bright finish of the panels creates juxtaposition with the matte finish of the wood.

Manchester modular hotel is constructed of shipping containers

Purpose built shipping containers are being used in the construction of a modular 220-room Holiday Inn Express in Trafford City, Manchester, UK.

The shipping containers come with fully factory finished interior fixtures and fittings that are installed before being delivered to the site. Additionally, the rooms have full height windows and are fully furnished before leaving the factory.

Swedish Tower’s 15th floor is reserved for a panoramic garden

C.F. Møller’s winning design for a new 22-story high-rise set for construction in Västerås is nothing if not unique. The building’s elliptical shape allows for open facades facing in all directions and creates a new silhouette for the city’s skyline.

The building will be constructed as a hybrid of solid wood and concrete. Concrete is the load-bearing construction up to the 15th floor. The remaining seven stories will be framed in solid timber.

The Lincoln Common development has begun construction in Chicago’s Lincoln Park

Located at the site of the former Children’s Memorial hospital, The Lincoln Common will provide 1.1 million sf of retail, office, and residential space in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

A New York-area community college adds new zest to its library

Libraries remain one of the typologies that colleges and universities continue to invest in avidly. And most new construction and renovation seems to focus on creating spaces where students and even faculty can collaborate.

A recent example is the $15 million, 21,000-sf expansion of LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, N.Y., which debuted May 12. This library, with more than 650,000 visitors annually, is one of the campus’s most heavily used spaces, and its expansion “is long overdue,” says the college’s president Gail O. Mellow.

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