Mixed-use Dubai tower will have the world’s tallest ceramic facade

Dubai’s skyline will claim another architectural world title in 2020 when construction completes on the world’s tallest building with a ceramic facade. The twisted mixed-use Wasl Tower will rise 300 meters and comprise a five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel, private residences, and a variety of restaurants. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will manage both the hotel and residences.


Architecture Billings Index backslides slightly

After seven months of steady growth in the demand for design services, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) paused in September. As a leading economic indicator of construction activity, the ABI reflects the approximate nine to twelve month lead time between architecture billings and construction spending. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported the September ABI score was 49.1, down from a score of 53.7 in the previous month. This score reflects a slight decrease in design services provided by U.S. architecture firms (any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings).

Race for talent drives office designs

Last April, Dairy Farmers of America moved into a new 110,000-sf headquarters in Kansas City, Kan., that has only nine traditional offices, versus more than 175 offices in its old headquarters. Meeting rooms and workstations can be rearranged easily to accommodate current needs and future growth. The new headquarters is rich in amenities, including a fire pit, outdoor conference rooms, and basketball and bocce courts.

Organizations like the DFA are using their facilities to jockey for position in the race for the 80 million or so Millennials who are entering the workforce.

IAPMO seeks proposals for 2021 Uniform Plumbing Code, Uniform Mechanical Code

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) is seeking formal code proposals toward the development of the 2021 editions of the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC).

Both UPC and UMC are American National Standard (ANSI) designated model codes. All proposals recommending new text, revised text, or the deletion of text must be written in legislative format and clearly state the reason behind the recommendation.

3 reasons why your firm needs cloud software

Many businesses are looking to streamline operations, simplify processes, and cut costs. To achieve this, the need for seamless software solutions is paramount. For firms looking to propel their architectural design services to new heights and levels of sophistication, a consolidated cloud-based platform is a valuable asset. Let’s take a look at three specific reasons why the cloud is a smart choice.

Enlightened conversion: A church becomes condos in D.C.

One of the curious things about the Nation’s Capital is that, unlike many older U. S. cities, Washington, D. C., never had any industry to speak of—unless you count the manufacture of hot air as an industry. In the District of Columbia, you don’t see those wonderful 19th-century Italianate factories that dot the cityscapes of Boston, New York, Baltimore, Chicago—strong-boned, high-ceilinged brick edifices that convert into magnificent loft apartments, condominiums, and mixed-use centers.

Standing up to Hurricane Irma

Star metal building systems have once again demonstrated their durability in extreme weather events.

Top 105 office construction firms


Universal design principles: Part 2

The CDC targets the bathroom as the most dangerous room in the house. Every year, about 235,000 people over the age of 15 come to the emergency room with injuries they’ve sustained in the bathroom, and 14 percent of those injuries result in hospitalization. Injuries increase with age, and for all ages the most accident-prone activities were bathing, showering, and getting out of the tub or shower. Architects can use principles of UD to reduce these hazards. Here’s how those principles can play out in the bathroom:

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